Bone Cellar

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Bone Cellar was a high school band project formed in 1991 by Chris Bailey, Joseph Molloy, Jason Thomas and Jason Brazeal from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Bone Cellar was a cover band. We played songs from Slayer, Nuclear Assault, Megadeth, Metallica and Danzig, to name a few… Bone Cellar was the platform for inspiration and dedicated after school rehearsal sessions that would later prove to be the foundation of strength for some of the guys that would later enter the music industry professionally.

I wanted to have some kind of record of Bone Cellar online as we have all gone separate ways, years ago, and this page would serve as a nice reminder for those of us who remember.

Chris Bailey: Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Joseph Molloy: Lead Guitar and Vocals
Jason Thomas: Bass Guitar
Jason Brazeal: Drums

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