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Jakob was conceived by Cody Bailey in the early 1990’s originally. It was by force of nature that a musically repressed Cody was driven to create something that had meaning and a strong musical foundation, artistically.

After a few songs were written and recorded by Cody while touring in Florida he brought the material to me back home in Oklahoma and we would spend the next decade collaborating and kicking out tunes and playing shows to support the music that became JAKOB.

Jakob was more of a studio project for Cody and I. Once the songs were written and we thought we had enough material we would form a band to perform the music live. There was somewhat of a revolving door when it came to members and live performances. Jakob’s live performers are many and I wanted to write this article to give a shout out to those who have given themselves to this project at one time or another.

Cody Bailey: Songwriter, Mother, Singer, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, Engineer
Chris Bailey: Songwriter, Guitars, Bass, Assistant Engineer
Travis Duncan (original member): Bass
Steve May (original member): Keyboards
Dustin Rhodes: Drummer
Michael Prado: Keyboards and Firearams
Shane Geerdes: Drummer
John Bourke: DJ, Keyboards, Other misc toys
Adrian Alexander: Keyboards and DJ
Pat Devlin: Guitars and Bass
Jeremy May: Guitars
Scott Smith: Bass
Justin Siggins: Drummer
Brian Mansell: Engineer, Guitars, Leads, Textures
Matt McHan: Guitars
Adam Lair: Bass
Lucas Greenfield: Keyboards

I feel like I am missing a few names. This article will be updated as I have more to add.

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