Jakob Vol 1

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Jakob: Volume 1

Jealousy, Betrayal, Failure and the Laughter that Followed

Original Track Listing:

  1. Treatment
  2. I’ll Start A War
  3. She Watch Channel Zero
  4. There’s Nothing I want more than out
  5. Stolen Dodge
  6. Shiver
  7. Defense Mechanism
  8. Pathetic
  9. Gagger’s V1.0
  10. Hand Grenade
  11. S.Q.U.I.D.
  12. Birthday Bullets
  13. Take The Wheel

This disc is in the pile to soon be remixed and remastered. We hope to have a fresh cut sometime before the end of 2011. The disc was written, created, mixed and performed by Cody Bailey and Chris Bailey. Some of the guest performers on the records include Travis Duncan, Dustin Rhodes, Steve Ray, Steve May and your moms.

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